🧭 Mission

Connect passionate niche audiences to the digital worlds and information that matter most to them.

🔭 Vision

We are a media brand cultivator: Our vision is to build and grow best-in-class, authentic, and helpful niche content brands at scale for dedicated audiences, with an equally passionate team.

⚖️ Our Values

Get it right, then scale it. Go slow to grow fast.

While others are talking about building and breaking, we focus on process-driven growth, doubling down on our strengths, and creating sustainable systems to scale.

We are scrappy.

We are ‘make it happen’ people. We can do more with less because we take care of our people, find passionate experts and let them choose their own adventures.

The best of life happens on the outside.

We are flexible with our work because we realize that the best of life happens outside of these 'digital walls’ and we want to be a part of that too.

We are anti-corporate.

We’re not Wall Street. We’re not big, old-school media. We’re definitely not corporate and we like it that way. We like to say we attract the non-traditional, creative types who see the world a little differently.

We care about our craft.

Best-in-class means we care about being real experts. We consider ourselves operators and take pride in what we build and grow.

We have fun and enjoy the journey.

We think big and are in the long game but we also remember to have fun and enjoy the process along the way.

We operate with intense curiosity.

The best ideas don’t just come from the top. We listen, we lean in and we learn from everyone on the team and from the world we live in.